What used to be a cold but useful building material has now become a real design highlight in terms of home furnishings – the concrete wall. Volimea also offers walls and floors in concrete look, bringing the urban industrial look into your living spaces. In the following text, we explain the advantages of our plasters and how the concrete look is processed.

Not so long ago, flats with grey concrete walls were still considered cool, uninviting and not at all in keeping with the trend of the time. At that time, concrete could only convince with its functionality and robustness. However, the concrete wall was not meant to be shown off and was therefore often embellished with wallpaper or other design elements, if not hidden.

Fortunately, living trends have evolved over time, so that the concrete wall as well as the concrete colour are celebrating their peak today. In the meantime, the urban industrial styles that emulate the loft character are deliberately created. Whether as wall paint, plaster or wall cladding – concrete is available on the market in all variations.

Above all, the exposed concrete look is the focus of home design. This is not real concrete, which in turn brings many advantages. In contrast to real concrete slabs or wall cladding, the exposed concrete look, as the name suggests, is only used for design purposes, which are intended to create the appearance of a concrete wall. To create such an appearance, wallpaper in concrete look can be applied, for example. But plasters in the colour concrete are also becoming increasingly popular, especially because they offer many advantages.


Textured and jointless surfaces in a modern and urban look for commercial spaces and shop systems


jointless floor and wall coating in the living and sleeping areas with volimea

The advantages of Volimea concrete look

Volimea also offers concrete in different variations. Those who just love colour can embellish their home with our mineral lime-marble plasters from volimea in the colour “VO-20 Beton”. These can be additionally refined with mica scales and offer a certain exclusivity and elegance despite their industrial look. It becomes much more authentic and urban with the exposed concrete look from volimea. This not only offers the typical concrete colour, but also real cavities and joints. This already gives plasters their first advantage over wallpaper, because a real concrete wall cannot be created with a wallpaper print. In contrast to concrete as a building material or wall cladding, however, plaster is lighter, is applied thinner and thus saves space. So no massive concrete slabs have to be attached to the wall to give the flat a loft charm.

Concrete optics from volimea breathable and diffusion-open

In addition, our concrete look from volimea is breathable and open to diffusion, which prevents the natural formation of mould and means that the concrete look can also be used in damp and warm rooms, such as bathrooms and spa areas, without mould forming on the walls. This also makes it a very allergy-friendly product that creates a healthy indoor climate. In addition, the plaster consists only of purely natural ingredients and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly and ecological.


Wall design concrete look in the bathroom and spa area, our concrete look from volimea breathable and open to diffusion
Bad renovieren
Volimea Wandbeschichtung im Badezimmer in Beton VO-20 mit Silberlasur
Volimea Wandbeschichtung im Badezimmer

The durability and ease of maintenance of the plaster are also great advantages. The filler even withstands higher room humidity without any problems and, unlike wallpaper, does not come off the walls. If you want to use the concrete look even in wet areas, you should use our jointless wall and floor filler from the futado product group. This is also available in the colour concrete and convinces with its slip resistance, insensitivity to moisture, robustness and durability. Even in the shower area, walls in concrete color can be created with futado. These are completely jointless and are applied over existing tiles with an application thickness of only 3 mm. Expensive renovations are therefore not necessary.

Processing it as a floor product is also particularly popular. This can give the room a uniform concrete look that exudes its urban charm and minimalism not only on the walls but also on the floor. The room has an industrial look and also leaves plenty of room for creative decoration and design elements. In this respect, the floor plaster is in no way inferior to the tile. The product can also be applied to water-bearing underfloor heating systems and is durable and robust.

If the trend of the concrete look should ever disappear from home design, the wall plaster, unlike tiles, can be quickly and easily filled over again or finished with glazes.

But how is an exposed concrete look from Volimea created on the wall?

There are several ways to use Volimea as a concrete wall. If only the concrete colour is to be produced, the powder, in the colour “VO-20 Beton”, must be mixed thoroughly before mixing. For each packaging unit (15 kg), the powder is mixed with 6-7 litres of water to form a uniform mortar slurry. Now the filler should be applied within 20 minutes and at a room temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius. A layer thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm should be maintained. If mica particles or other aggregate elements have been mixed in beforehand, the slurry is removed with the help of the trowel, which is pulled over the surface at a 90 degree angle. This releases the mica particles. However, this operation is not necessary if no aggregate elements have been used. Then the surface is simply polished after approx. 90 – 120 minutes.

If a real exposed concrete wall is to be created, foils of various sizes are cut to size after the plaster has been applied and pressed onto the wet plaster. The more firmly the foil is pressed into the plaster, the larger the blowholes become, which provide the realistic concrete look. The gaps are created by the distance between the individually cut foils, which must remain on the wall for 24 hours after application. After one day, the foils can be removed and the surface can be finished.

However, one thing is important here: If you want to create a really realistic and high-quality concrete wall, you should only have the product applied by Volimea-trained applicators. Because just like other high-quality products, Volimea requires a certain amount of prior knowledge and expertise.

But we are certain: for the urban look that will later give your rooms a modern industrial charm, it is worth working with a professional fabricator.


Concrete optics in application