The “Cortenstahl” surface design imitates aged metal surfaces, which not only look impressively genuine, but also create a completely new and above all modern spatial experience. With the charm of opulence and grace, the wall design impresses its viewers and turns every room into something very special. Aesthetics and design are combined with architecture and space.

The shimmering of the metal and the antique patina in soft and ever-changing shades of gold and brown enchants. The materials, consisting of steel and rust putty, are applied to the existing wall. The application thickness is only 2-3 mm. Depending on the processor and the applied structure, the surfaces bear a very individual signature, making each surface unique, which you will not find anywhere else. The areas of application and possibilities of wall coating are versatile. For example, “Cortenstahl” can be used for finishing in the hotel and restaurant sector, in shop and trade fair construction as well as in yacht and furniture finishing. But the surface design is also suitable as a modern accent wall in your own house.

Red Dot Awards 2014

Due to these many advantages, our wall coating “Cortenstahl” was also able to convince the jury of the Red-Dot-Award in 2014 and thus received the prize for the best surface design. The reasoning of the jury:

“The “Cortenstahl” surface design picks up on the “metal” trend and opens up undreamt-of possibilities for interior design”.

“Cortenstahl” can also be used to create a modern industrial look, which is now also popular for use in the home. In contrast to wallpapers, it is not only the feel of the materials that is convincing. Visually prominent areas create an extraordinary structure and wonderful effects. In addition, the material is much more durable than wallpaper and can also be optimally processed in damp areas such as bathrooms.


“Cortenstahl” in application