Facade coating with Exterio Lotus

The high-quality material and natural ingredients guarantee a long life for your exterior facade.

Exterio Lotus is a line of products from Volimea, which is especially suitable for facades and outdoor areas. The facade coating consists of high-quality and above all natural materials and ingredients, whereby it not only achieves an intensive colour depth, but also impresses primarily through its long service life

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Modern architecture and residential design

Ecology plays an increasingly important role in modern architecture and residential design. Sustainability and ecological aspects have become part of people’s visions of the future. In addition, chemical ingredients can cause long-term damage to health and harm people. We would like to avoid this by using only natural ingredients for our Exterio Lotus facade plaster, thus creating an ecological awareness.

Environmental protection

Thanks to the ecological aspects created with Exterio Lotus, the coating for facades and exterior areas speaks for the spirit of the age of modern architecture. Thanks to its sustainability, the facade plaster is an important factor in environmental protection. The natural colour pigments give the exterior facade a special character and exceptional depth of colour. This is created by different techniques and with the help of different structures. Thus, with every surface you get a unique facade that is nowhere else to be found. The clouding of the surface breaks with the monotony and gives the surface liveliness. This makes every exterior plaster shine.

Note: The wetness (see right picture) makes the surface darker for a short time. After drying, the appearance resembles the original colour tone (see left picture).

Our impregnation is also available for our volimea wall coating.“

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– Natural ingredients
– WDVS system approval
– UV-resistance due to mineral pigments in the facade plaster
– Diffusivity of the external facade
– Allow durability and colour depth
– Individual design possibilities with unique character
– Exterio Lotus Impregnation avoids infestation of algae and moss on the exterior plaster
– Building service life and renovation intervals of the facade plaster are increased


Ecological aspects are becoming increasingly important for people with visions of the future. Not only to protect our planet is our priority at VOLIMEA, but above all to protect the people. Chemical ingredients can cause long-term damage and health risks. In striving for naturalness and ecological awareness, Exterio Lotus facade plaster uses exclusively mineral ingredients.

Natural colour pigments give the Exterio Lotus exterior facade a special radiance with depth of colour. It is underlined by the different techniques and makes it unique. The cloudiness of the exterior plaster breaks with the monotony and gives the surface a vibrant look. This makes every facade shine.

All known colours from our Volimea range are available in this system and extend the variety.


The high-quality material and natural ingredients guarantee a long life for your facade. The diffusivity of the plaster
creates a healthy indoor climate in the house, thereby regulating humidity. The Exterio Lotus impregnation successfully prevents the infestation of algae, moss, mould and fungal spores.


We achieve our colour variety by adding our Volimea pigments. Therefore, Exterio Lotus Facade Coating is available in almost all colours of the Volimea assortment. But of course, we do not only attach great importance to the choice of colours and the ecological aspects. Also the quality of our products has always played an important role at Volimea. That is why we only use high-quality materials which, in combination with the natural ingredients, guarantee a long life of your exterior facade. The facade coating is diffusion-open and breathable, which regulates the humidity in the external plaster. This, together with the special Exterio Lotus impregnation, repels the infestation of mould, algae, mosses, fungi and spores.

Exterio Lotus facade coating has ETICS system approval and is characterised by its UV resistance. This in turn allows an enormously long life of the colour depth and reduces the renovation intervals of the facade plaster.

Wall design in various colours and trend tones















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