Jointless wall and floor coating in the kitchen area – – this is now possible with futado. The smooth and textured surfaces on a mineral white and grey cement base are ideal for use in dining and kitchen areas. Thanks to the jointless look, futado surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. This means that impurities caused by cooking can be easily washed off the kitchen wall. Moreover, grease and oil splashes no longer settle in the joints, which means that unsightly discolouration doesn’t stand a chance. Our Future Unicryl water-based paint, which is not only low in solvents and environmentally friendly, but also seals every surface once more before completion, provides additional protection. Should you still need to remove a somewhat stubborn stain, you can also obtain special cleaning and care products from Volimea to match your futado surface.

Refinishing old kitchen walls and floors is also no problem with futado. The filler can be applied to existing tiles with an application thickness of only 3 mm without having to chisel them off first.

But it is not only the practical advantages that make our jointless wall and floor coating so impressive. futado also has a lot to offer visually. Available in 28 different colour variations, our wall and floor filler can be used to create minimalist and modern walls and floors with an absolutely unique character. With futado, no two surfaces are alike. So you get your very own individual wall or floor design, depending on the handwriting of the respective applicator.

Tile backsplash was yesterday! With futado wall and floor design, you can give your kitchen an exclusive and modern flair, combined with practical benefits.

You can find samples on our respective product pages of Futado

futado wall design kitchen