Purmetalico – Genuine metal for all shapes, in all facets

Genuine metals for all surfaces and shapes – this is possible with purmetalico. No matter whether filled, varnished, for interior or exterior use. The areas of application of the genuine metal are countless. It is extremely versatile and stands for high-quality impressions.

purmetalico is a coating that can be applied in a cold and liquid state to almost any surface. purmetalico is therefore neither an electrochemical galvanising process nor a powder coating.

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The metallic surfaces

The metallic surfaces offer shop fitters, interior designers, architects, interior architects and industrial designers a wide range of possibilities for creative, individual designs. The reason for this is that purmetalico can be applied to any solid surface. The product is therefore not only ideally suited for use on three-dimensional objects but can even be processed in pools that will later be exposed to high levels of moisture. Purmetalico is applied jointless by spraying it onto the surface.

Volimea produces genuine metal coatings which consist of 95% metal powder. The liquid metals can be painted and filled. Both optically and in terms of product properties, purmetalico takes on all the characteristics of cast metal as soon as it is processed and metallized on the surface. The result is not only an exceptionally shiny surface, but above all a truly unique product.

Also, in terms of heat conduction purmetalico is in no way inferior to genuine metals.

Purmetalico offers numerous target groups completely new possibilities in product design.

Depending on the processing and the type of metal, of which purmetalico has a wide range to offer, the result is a matt, shiny, structured, rusty or patinated looking surface. The look and feel of the surfaces resemble those of genuine metal.



Innumerable application possibilities and areas

purmetalico can be sprayed and trowelled and is available as a water- and solvent-based product group. The areas of application range from shop and trade fair construction, architecture and facades, furniture and street furniture to interior design, wall panels, sculptures and objects.

Further areas of application are:

  • Prototype construction
  • Signs, billboards
  • Sculptures, objects
  • Kitchens
  • Sanitary, tiles
  • Shipbuilding

  • Floor coverings
  • Automotive
  • Antibacterial coatings
  • Trade fair construction, exhibitions
  • Bricks, concrete blocks
  • Hygiene area

Unbeatable product features

The products of purmetalico are thermally conductive, magnetic and reactive. They therefore have properties typical for metal. This results in very resilient surfaces that are break and crack resistant and have an enormous durability both indoors and outdoors. The metallic plaster does not flake off even from facades.

Due to its antibacterial effect, purmetalico can also be used particularly well in the hygiene sector, i.e. in bathrooms, spas and guest toilets. It is applied in a very thin layer thickness, which allows the coating of fine structures at any time.

Almost any surface and any material can be coated. For example, foam, plastic, wood, glass, metal, fibreglass, plaster, ceramics, concrete, cardboard, etc.

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