Wall design in the kitchen area

Natural wall design in the kitchen area with the lime marble plaster of volimea

Kitchen area with Volimea | Kitchen area with Futado

Wall design in the kitchen area

In our picture gallery you can find references to our product groups volimea, grandezza and futado. We show you the basic tone in each case. In some cases the wall has been additionally treated with a glaze or patina, which can lead to iridescent effects and color differences.

If you have any questions about the individual products, please contact our Volimea indoor service or your responsible area sales manager..

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Wall design in the kitchen area with Volimea

Easy-care kitchen walls with the lime-marble plaster of volimea

Volimea is manufacturer of exclusive surface coatings. With this we offer noble and functional alternatives to conventional wall and Floor coatings, which can be applied in almost every area – so also in the kitchen area.

If you are looking for the optimal wall design for the kitchen area, there are a few important aspects to consider. Because especially in the kitchen, it is not only the appearance of the walls that matters. Kitchen walls are often exposed to high loads due to food residues, oil and water splashes and many other external influences. In order to avoid having to replace or rework the wall coating after a few years, the optimal wall coating should fulfil a few functional requirements.

Our plasters of the product group volimea are based on purely natural ingredients and are therefore not only ecological but also perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers. This is not only due to its breathable and diffusion-open properties, which give the kitchen a neutral and healthy room climate, but also to its mould-repellent effect. For this the products of volimea have even received the ECO certificate. Moreover, the plasters are incombustible and withstand high heat loads without problems.

Moreover, the mineral lime marble plaster of volimea is completely joint less and can therefore be cleaned easily and without the use of special cleaning agents. Unlike tile mirrors, which are normally found in the kitchen area, there are no joints in which food residues and dirt can accumulate and cause unsightly discoloration.

In contrast to wallpaper, the plasters of volimea, which are applied to the wall by a specially trained plasterer, are very durable and hard-wearing and therefore much more durable. Should a renovation be necessary, the wall can simply be filled or repaired. Also those who want to rework the wall for optical reasons have it easy with volimea. With our numerous different glazes, which can be applied to the plaster at any time, new iridescent effects and even more intensive colors can be achieved quickly. With additives, such as mica particles or “Moskauer Glass”, additional highlights can be created.

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Wall design in the kitchen area with Futado

Jointless floors in the kitchen area – a stylish alternative to tiles

The second product group, which is suitable for the kitchen area, is called futado. Futado is a mineral plaster based on white and grey cement and a real all-rounder. Unlike the other product groups, futado can be applied not only to the wall but also to the floor. In this way, a uniform look can be created which harmonises many requirements and makes the room appear more open, brighter and larger.

The jointless plaster from futado offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it can be applied with a thickness of only 3 mm on existing surfaces, including tile surfaces. This makes it easy not only to redesign the kitchen but also to renovate it. Tile mirrors no longer need to be removed before redesigning, but can simply be reworked. This makes futado a contemporary renovation solution.
The coating is insensitive to moisture such as washable and is highly durable and hardwearing. The result is jointless, non-slip and easy-care walls and floors..With the slip classification R9, futado is in no way inferior to conventional tiles. By revising the futado formula, we were also able to create a VOC-free and therefore ecologically safe product. The highly stable and mineral lime-cement and resin components make the coating low-stress.

Available in 28 different colours, rooms can be designed according to your individual wishes. Thanks to its uniformly smooth or structured texture, futado creates a modern, minimalist style which leaves room for your design options and perfectly sets the scene for your furniture and furnishings. From bright colours, such as “Lavarot”, to subtle shades of grey and white, everything is possible. Please note, however, that high quality requires certain previous knowledge and experience. Therefore, futado should only be plastered by Volimea trained processors. For this purpose you are welcome to talk to one of our area sales managers or find the suitable contact person in your area on our processor search.

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