Wall design living room with a wide range of colours, the mineral wall and floor coating von futado offers plenty of room for individuality and variety. Living rooms can be designed modern, minimalist but also colourful and gaudy. futado wall and floor filler consists of a white and grey cement base, which can be optimally applied and reworked on existing surfaces such as plasters and tiles. Since the plaster is applied with an application thickness of only 3 mm, certain substrates do not even have to be removed before renovation. This simplifies the work involved in remodelling your living spaces and avoids unnecessary dust and dirt in the house.

Due to the individual technique and handwriting of the respective processor, you receive a unique specimen with every surface. This makes futado a particularly exclusive and unusual product. First and foremost, however, it convinces with its jointless look. This also brings with it many practical advantages.

Futadois a very hard-wearing and pressure-resistant product that can withstand heavy loads such as heavy furniture and objects. Furthermore, it is particularly uncomplicated to clean and maintain. A little water with soap is often enough to remove dirt from your futado surfaces. For larger and more stubborn stains, we offer a special futado care series.

However, one futado feature is particularly advantageous for the living area. Futado can also be worked over underfloor heating, so that you do not have to do without the feel-good ambience in the living area despite the modern look. The only important thing here is that it is a water-guided underfloor heating system. However, we do not recommend reworking on electric underfloor heating systems.

As you can see: futado serves futadoas an optimal alternative to wallpaper, carpets, design coverings and tiles in your living room.

You can find samples on our respective product pages of Futado

futado in application