Jointless bathrooms – the alternative to tiles.

Jointless bathrooms are increasingly becoming the focus of modern bathroom design. in this respect with its futado product group futado also has a lot to offer.
Futado is a mineral filler based on white and grey cement, which is available in 28 different colour variations. From bright reds and yellows to minimalist grey or white, there’s something for everyone. Give your jointless bathroom exclusivity and freshness with our wall and floor design from futado exclusivity and freshness.

But futado not only has a lot to offer in terms of looks. The many product advantages are particularly convincing when it comes to bathroom design. First and foremost, futado is a very hard-wearing and pressure-resistant product that can withstand even heavy loads. In addition, our futado spatula has the slip classification R9, which means that it can be used in bathrooms without any problems. Although futado is not a completely water-repellent product, it is considered to be very insensitive to moisture, which means that it can be used in damp areas, such as shower walls, without any problems. Water residues can be easily wiped off and no longer leave any unsightly traces. This is due, among other things, to the product’s ease of care. Thanks to the jointless structure, the walls and floors can be easily washed and dirt removed.

Einfach Fugenlos ist besser!

But the best thing about futado: with an application thickness of only 3 mm, the plaster can be easily applied over existing tiles. This makes it ideal for renovations to a jointless bathroom. Old tile backsplashes no longer have to be chiselled off first, avoiding unnecessary dust and dirt during bathroom renovations.

Jointless shower without tiles

jointless – trendy – low tension – water repellent

With futado, you also cover another trend in home or bathroom design – the jointless shower. Tiles are also being used less and less in this area. Instead, the shower should form a unit with the walls and floors of the bathroom and be kept in the same style. Since futado is impervious to moisture and water-repellent, you can also use the plaster in this area. However, it is important that you pay attention to the correct application in general, but especially when using it in the jointless shower. First and foremost, the handling of the sealing strip plays an important role here. This must first be prepared for the substrate before the application of futado can begin.
Although the old tiles do not have to be removed beforehand, the substrate should still be prepared accordingly. Although jointless showers are very stylish and beautiful, they should also serve their purpose and last for many years. If the shower has unevenness, this must be levelled out beforehand. This can be done with futado levelling compound, which is suitable for levelling and can be applied to all mineral substrates. This includes, for example, old substrates with old, waterproof adhesive residues as well as concrete, cement and rapid cement screed.

Equally applicable to mineral substrates and just as important for finally obtaining a functional jointless shower is the right primer, i.e. the Fixgrund from futado. Once this has been applied and has dried thoroughly, the actual coating can begin. Futado is based on a 3-component system based on powder, resin and pigment. This is plastered with 1.5 – 3.0 mm application thickness and forms the final result.

The last important step is to seal the joint less shower. This is done with futado’s “Future Unicryl” water-based lacquer. This is diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio and first applied to the futado substrate as a lacquer primer. Then 5% tap water and 5% futado “Performer” are added and applied once more as a lacquer coat. The lacquer protects the surface of the jointless shower and makes it easy to clean.

Jointless bathrooms – renovation without removing tiles

Please note that every wall, shower or floor is unique due to the individual handwriting of your respective fabricator. Structure and colour will never be found in the same way again. This is exactly what makes futado such a special product, which gives your jointless bathrooms a uniqueness. And because it is such a high-quality product, the workmanship should also be of a corresponding quality. We therefore strongly recommend that you only work with installers trained by us.

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